The Leading Search Engine Optimization Metrics.

Just Digital Marketing is not enough for any business, measuring success of your digital marketing work is also important; to measure you need to go through Search Engine Optimization. An easy online tool, such as, Google Analytics provides every marketer the chance to break down and analyze reports required for monitoring search engine optimization metrics.

The Leading Search Engine Optimization Metrics.


Today, the web traffic that a business earns, by appearing topmost on search engine result pages, is known as organic traffic. Organic traffic through search engine holds a very high place on the search engine optimization list, because you can clearly see the number of people visiting your website, all this is the result of the search engine optimization strategy. You can think of hiring a Digital Marketing Company – Traj Infotech Pvt. Ltd, to work on the search engine optimization strategy that will boost organic traffic to your website.

Bounce Rates

It is a great way to find out, the number of people who bounced or went away soon after viewing a page. Bounce rate measures the percentage or number of visitors, the lower the percentage, the better it is. If you ever notice that the bounce rate is going up, you will have to consider working on your site to enhance the number of visitors. Traj Infotech, Digital Marketing Services in Ahmedabad, can make your website interesting and increase the bounce rates.

Number of conversions

Higher the number of conversions, higher is the conversion rate; it is an ideal way to boost your revenue and the growth of your business. End of the day, conversion rate can tell how much of your efforts in marketing are working properly and the number of leads getting converted into sales or revenue. Traj Infotech, Digital Marketing in Ahmedabad, can help in increasing your conversion rates

Exit or last page

Exit pages also known as last pages that the audience or people visit just before exiting or leaving the website. Tracking the exit or last page is crucial because it will give an insight about where the audience is losing their interest and from where they’re exiting from your site. IT Services, can help understand why people are losing interest and find a solution for it.

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Social Media is the key to your brand success.

Today, everyone knows that if a business wants to share their content, observe different social actions and provide useful information, social media is the place, whether it is for professional purpose or personal use.

Social media still plays a very important part in digital marketing, it has become crucial to understand if used effectively, how your business can benefit from it, includes boost in web traffic and gaining attention of targeted customers leading to conversions. This is what makes social media marketing different.

Social Media is the key to your brand success.

With various types of social media platforms, it is necessary to have a social media marketing strategy.

First, you should know and understand the objectives.

Planning a post on social media without any goal or aim in mind is not a good way to drive web traffic towards your site. Need to understand your targeted audience and the story you would like to tell. Most of the information can be understood through the messages, related to your brand.  To make sure, your brand is able to reach your business goal, need to put your brand at the forefront and should make sure, your brand is able to maintain consistency on social media. Digital Marketing Company – Traj Infotech Pvt. Ltd, can put your brand forward on social media.

Engaging the audience

It’s really crucial for your business to stay on the top on different platforms of social media. Answering questions, acknowledging feedback or criticism and addressing customers worries will help in maintaining a positive brand consumer association and also enhances interaction between your business and your potential customers.
Posting the correct content will position your business as the leader of the industry and will also strengthen the identity of your brand. Traj Infotech, Digital Marketing in Ahmedabad, can keep your audience engaged with interesting content.

Measuring success

Keeping the interest of your business, best is to use   analytics to know if there is any growth or increase in the number of consumers or whether you’re able to keep up to the current or latest social trends or to monitor reaction of your audience towards certain content or post and lastly, whether or not you’re able to gain more followers. IT Company can help increase the number of followers for your brand.

Redesigning can give your website a fresh look

In case, you feel your website needs to be redesigned, because it is outdated, you do not have to worry, since, you already have a website all you need to do is tweak it a little here and there, to update your website.
Look into a couple of things that need to be kept in mind before redesigning your website
Redesigning can give your website a fresh look
A sleek, fresh and contemporary design is not easy to create. You need to understand that even the most simple web design needs a lot of planning and designing. To handle the redesigning of your website, you can think of hiring a Digital Marketing Company – Traj Infotech Pvt. Ltdwho can handle all complexities and meet your expectations.
Latest in technology can have a great impact
In the last, couple of years because of tremendous increase in the usage of mobile phones and other devices, compare to the laptops or desktop computer used for internet purpose, having separate websites for different devices, will increase the maintenance cost of your business. The best option is to have a responsive web page or web design because it is widely adopted, economical and has great usability on different screen sizes. Latest innovation in technology can have a great impact.
Before redesigning your website, understanding your goals is very important, because it is the business goals or objectives that can influence the way the website is designed. Traj Infotech – Digital Marketing Services in Ahmedabad, needs to have some useful information that can help them move ahead.
Before starting your re-design, you need to to create new content or you can hire Traj Infotech, Digital Marketing in Ahmedabad, to develop content to give your website a new and fresh look, new or updated content can help in the redesigning of your website.
One should be active during the redesigning process. Timely input and feedback is essential. If you feel, the process is not moving ahead as per plans, hire IT Services, to redesign your website according to your company’s goal or vision, they will ensure, you’re able to maximize the potential of your company’s website. IT Company will also make sure; you are satisfied in the end.

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Instagram is a great platform to enhance your Business Profile.

Instagram an application was initially used to share photos with friends. Now, it is considered a great platform for digital marketing. With millions of Instagram users worldwide, we need to know why it is a good platform to use for brand marketing. Let’s look into how to use Instagram business profile.
Instagram is a great platform to enhance your Business Profile -Traj infotech
The concept of Influencer marketing is not new, it is a known concept. Instagram and the other various digital marketing platforms have been using influencer marketing a lot. You need to maintain a good relationship with influencers, who can understand your brand well, this can have a big impact on the way the audience will see your page, and may convert into customers, by buying your product or service. If you want an influencer relevant to your service or product, then you need to research on the influencer, because these days influencers can buy fake followers. In case, you suspect any influencer, you can use certain tools to keep a check, if the followers of the influencer are fake or real. Digital Marketing Company – Traj Infotech Pvt. Ltd, can help you with the right influencer marketing.
Like many other digital marketing platforms, the posts on users do not appear in a proper chronological order. Most applications use their algorithm to help calculate what is it the user would want or like to see first. The algorithm used is based mainly on the engagement rate, meaning it’s important for every brand to post an engaging and appealing content on their Instagram account, to encourage the audience to either comment or like, use call to actions in the post, for example, you can tag any friend who you think would like this. IT Services understand the benefits of algorithm.
Instagram is a digital marketing platform that is visual because of this you need to have good quality content. Also, make sure the profile is attractive and pleasing when you look at it. Be consistent with imagery and branding, need to make sure, your page looks visually pleasing. If the profile image is dull or messy, then people will not like to follow you. Traj Infotech, Digital Marketing in Ahmedabad, can ensure your profile is attention-grabbing.